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If you are planning to visit your family or make a business trip to the UAE, we will be delighted to assist you in obtaining a visit visa we specialize in assisting tourist visiting Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

Visas, as opposed to permits, allow entry into the UAE for short or temporary periods although some of these periods are renewable. Therefore, those wishing to visit the UAE will need to apply for one of the visas explained below depending on the purpose of entry.

1. Article 12 Federal Law No 6, 197

Visit Visas

A visit visa may be obtained for different purposes. Although the procedures are more or less the same for everyone, conditions vary depending on who the visitor is and who the visitor’s sponsor is. The legally permitted purposes for which one may enter the UAE on a visit visa are the following:

A visit visa entitles the visitor to remain in the country for an initial period of 60 days which is subsequently renewable for a further period of 30 days (the extension of 30 days must be conducted within the 60 days from the date of entering UAE), thus allowing a total period of stay in the country of 90 days, provided the procedures for renewal are satisfied. If the visitor remains in the country beyond the permitted period he is fined AED 100 a day and also an additional AED 100 for airport documentation processing fees. 

Once an individual obtains a visit visa, he must use it within 60 days of its date of issue, otherwise the visa needs to be renewed and a fee of AED 150 is applicable.

It should be noted that although a person may enter the country on a visit visa for tourism purposes, there are special ‘tourist visas’ for this purpose as discussed in Section 2.2.3.

As the requirements and conditions for obtaining visit visas vary according to the identity of both the intended visitor and the sponsor, a brief explanation of these has been provided below:

Visas for Tourists

Tourists may enter the country on a visit visa, a transit visa or a tourist visa. The most appropriate visa will primarily depend on three factors: the visitor’s nationality, which the sponsor is and the intended period of stay.

If the sponsor is a business operating in the UAE, individuals are entitled to a visit visa only in the UAE, the visitor may enter the country either on a visit visa or on a transit visa, depending on how long he intends to stay. If, on the other hand, the sponsor is a tour operator or a hotel then an application for a transit visa or a tourist visa would be applicable, with the exception of citizens of the 33 exempted countries and GCC countries that do not require visas to enter the country.

In practice, some hotels and tour operators submit different applications depending on the nationality of the visitor. With regards to visitors from Arab countries (other than GCC state nationals) and Africa (except South Africa) the hotel or tour operator will normally apply for transit visas on their behalf rather than tourist visas. As mentioned above, transit visas allow the holder to remain in the country for a total un renewable period of 1days from the date of entry For guests of other nationalities, hotels usually apply for tourist visas. A tourist visa allows the visitor to remain in the country for a total un renewable period of 30 days from the date of entry into the UAE.

Renewals of Visit Visas

A visit visa can be renewed by submitting the prescribed application form, filled by Injaz programme

Changing the Position of a Visitor to a Resident

If a person enters the UAE on a visit visa he is normally not allowed to work. However, it is possible to change

a visit visa (which was obtained for purposes other than tourist purposes) into an employment visa if the following conditions are fulfilled:

The applicant falls under one of the following categories:

(a) Engineer;

(b) Doctor, Chemist, Nurse and Medical Technician;

(c) Teacher;

(d) Agricultural Advisor;

(e) Qualified Accountant & Auditor;

(f) Technician in electronic, scientific equipment and labs;

(g) Driver licensed to drive heavy vehicles and buses; and

(h) Employee in private oil companies.

In practice, however, persons who do not fall within one of the above categories but hold jobs of a

Professional nature, rather than jobs of an unskilled nature, can change their visit visas into employment visa+


Entry Visa for a Mission: 14-Day Transit Visa

This type of visa as the name suggests is issued to those who need to enter the country for a commercial mission relating to a licensed company or an establishment, public or private, operating in the UAE for a total, not renewable period of 14 days, commencing on the day following the date of arrival into the country.

The 14-day transit visa is therefore useful for those who wish to enter the UAE for business purposes for periods of not more than two weeks. In order to apply for this visa on someone’s behalf, the following conditions need to be fulfilled:

The sponsor (the applicant) must be practicing a licensed trade activity or be an official department in the UAE (and hold a valid Immigration Card).

The applicant falls under one of the following categories:

The applicant has a return air ticket. Although this is not a requirement in practice, airlines or tour

Operators are reluctant to issue one-way tickets to those travelling to the UAE on a transit visa.

Although the categories named above are the ones provided for under the law, in practice, persons other than

Laborers may enter the country with a transit visa. In addition, sometimes tourists visiting the country are entering with transit visas, which are arranged by the hotel at which they are staying (see section

The multiple visits

Visas allow foreign individuals to visit the UAE frequently for business purposes as a result of their connection with a company or establishment operating in the UAE. It permits the bearer to enter the country, without restriction, for a maximum period of six months and stay a maximum of thirty days on each entry. The multiple visas are obtainable from the Immigration Authority or the UAE Embassy or Consulate and may subsequently be renewed. In order to obtain such a visa, the applicant must have initially entered the country on a visit visa.

Multiple visas are only issued to citizens of the countries with whom the UAE has entered into agreements. Such agreements have been made with the USA and Germany for instance, and citizens of these countries may obtain multiple visas valid for ten and six years, respectively, from the UAE Embassies in their countries

Documents Required.

Passport copy of the applicant

Passport size photo