Maid Visa

Maid Visa is the process of legally obtaining the government approval for an expat woman to come and work in UAE as a maid for her employer or sponsor. Maid Visa can be obtained from the immigration department after going through the required processes and producing the required documents.

Article 3 of Federal Law No. 8 states that Domestic Servants working in private residences are exempted from the Federal Labor Law. Therefore, the maid visa application is directly applied in Immigration.

A maid's visa can be obtained by the head of the family/sponsor whose salary is not less than AED 6000 a month or AED 5000 + accommodation. Bachelors are not eligible to sponsor a maid. A person can only sponsor a maid from the following countries: India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

Maid Visa is a visa issued by the Immigration Department which is valid for a year. There are four components involved in the process as follows:

Required Documents:

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