About Us

ADAM Outsource is a Dubai-based company and is a member of ADAM HOLINGS. Since its establishment in 2002, Adam Outsource proves to be a perfect business partner for outsourced services solutions to clients ranging from companies to individuals who are seeking to break free from the hassle of government red tapes. ADAM Outsource brings all your corporate needs from PRO SERVICES to NEW BUSINESS SETUP in Dubai and the entire Emirates.

We remain true to our principle of providing outstanding service and customer-centric solutions to our clients by allowing them to fully concentrate on their core business activities while taking away the bulk of government relations. Creating a worry-free atmosphere in the office for businessmen is vital in the productivity of any company, the idea is for us to bring you right there.

Our professional team of PRO will assist your with all types of pre-employment and post-employment requirements concerning the Ministry of Labor and Immigration Department. As specialists, we render best practices and guidance for you to have smooth recruitment process.

Individual clients are guaranteed to have more quality time with their families at home. We offer a wholesome expat life to investors, employees and tourists taking over the big load of liaising with the government for their visa requirements, driving license, emirates ID to name a few.

Adam Outsource understands the importance of family ties, aside from relocating investors and employees in the UAE, it is our agenda to re-unite family members here by assisting expats with the family visas and entry permits. More so, we provide families with ease when it comes to the processing of the Maid's or Servant's visa.